China and nonproliferation : Divergence between policy and actions

A roundtable discussion from the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists about China’s policy of nuclear nonproliferation.

What effect the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States will have on China’s policy.

How China’s dealings on nuclear issues with North Korea, Pakistan and Iran sit with their nonproliferation policy.

Contributors to the roundtable discussion include Rajesh Rajagopalan, Gregory Kulacki and Hua Han.


DATE : 21 November 2016

SOURCE : Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

North Korea could create ‘explosive outcome’ – former US Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman

North Korea could potentially create an “explosive outcome” as the communist nation has nuclear weapons and it is difficult to contain leader Kim Jong-un, according to Mike Mullen, former chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Retired Admiral Mullen expressed this view during an interview with ABC television’s ‘This Week’ as he discussed security problems US President-elect Donald Trump could face after taking office.


DATE : 27 November 2016

SOURCE : Yonhap News Agency


Yonhap News Agency

Yonhap News Agency is South Korea’s largest news agency. It is a publicly funded company, based in Seoul, South Korea. Yonhap provides news articles, pictures and other information to newspapers, TV networks and other media in South Korea.

It was establised in December 1980. It is the only Korean wire service that works with foreign news agencies, and provides a limited selection of news on its website in Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic and French.

In 2003, the South Korean government passed a law giving financial and systematic assistance to the agency, to reinforce staff and provide equipment. The legislation also gave Yonhap News Agency the role of ‘promoting the country’s image’ to an international audience. The head of the Yonhap agency is usually affiliated with the government.

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South Korea develops electromagnetic (EMP) weapon to use against North Korea’s drones

South Korea is developing a technology to bring down unmanned North Korean aircraft using electromagnetic pulse (EMP). According to military officials, the Agency for Defense Development (ADD) has developed a directional, high-powered EMP generator, and it is trying to devise ways to use it against small North Korean unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).


DATE : 27 November 2016

SOURCE : Yonhap News Agency


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