Does Donald Trump Believe Nuclear War Is Inevitable?

In an article for Mother Jones American liberal political journalist David Corn explores President-elect Donald Trump’s thoughts and views on nuclear war. Whether it is inevitable, or whether it can be prevented.

“In just seven weeks, a man known for being ill-tempered, thin-skinned, narcissistic, and erratic will take control of the US nuclear arsenal. Donald Trump will have the authority and power to launch any combination of the country’s 4,500 nuclear weapons. At any time and for any reason he deems fit, Trump could destroy a nation and, through miscalculation, the world…

“Can a man who has said he views nuclear war as almost unavoidable but who couldn’t be bothered to learn the fundamentals of nuclear policy be the “good leader” who can steer humanity past the greatest of all threats? Trump’s campaign comments about nuclear weapons and the possibility of using them have not been reassuring. His previous remarks suggesting he believed nuclear war was all but inescapable are the stuff of nightmares.”


DATE : Mother Jones

SOURCE : 8 December 2016