Bird flu in Europe – 300 outbreaks since October

A chicken without bird fluSince the recent outbreaks in England and Scotland there have been no further cases of bird flu in poultry in the UK as of 28 December.

However the disease continues to spread across Europe.

The first European occurrence of bird flu was in Hungary in October. On 28 October 2016 the H5N8 virus was detected in a wild bird found dead at Lake Fehér-to.

Since then there has been a total of 299 outbreaks confirmed in poultry across Europe.

  • Austria – 1 outbreak
  • Bulgaria – 6 outbreaks
  • Denmark – 1 outbreak
  • Germany – 16 outbreaks
  • France – 46 outbreaks
  • Hungary – 211 outbreaks
  • The Netherlands – 6 outbreaks
  • Poland – 9 outbreaks
  • Sweden – 2 outbreaks
  • UK – 1 outbreak

There have also been reported incidents in Serbia and Romania.

Four European countries (Germany, France, The Netherlands and Finland) have reported outbreaks in captive birds other than poultry. These have occurred mainly in zoos and wildlife parks.

Greece is the most recent country to report an outbreak with a case of H5N8 virus identified in a wild bird on 23 December.

There have been no outbreaks of avian flu in Ireland so far. However the Irish Government introduced legislation on 23 December that requires poultry farmers to keep their birds inside. This follows similar legislation introduced across the UK on 6 December.