Bird flu detected at poultry producer in Chile

Chile’s Agriculture and Livestock Service (SAG) had announced that avian flu has been found at a turkey production plant in central Valparaiso region. The plant is run by poultry producer Agrosuper.

The affected birds are being culled by SAG and the area quarantined to prevent the infectious disease from spreading.

No humans have been affected by the outbreak.

Laboratories are testing samples to determine what strain of avian flu has infected the turkeys. Once the results are available SAG will decide on further sanitary measures to be taken. It is reported on Avian Flu Diary to be a H7 strain.

Chile experienced its first avian influenza outbreak in 2002, when poultry exports were severly limited. That outbreak was brought under control.

Agrosuper said that the turkey plant, operated by its Sopraval unit, is located in rural Quilpué.

Avian flu is not as common in South America as it is in China, Europe, and North America. Authorities said no humans have been infected in Chile and there is little to no risk to the general public.