Avian flu outbreaks – Asia update

The various strains of avian flu continue to spread across Asia.

In China the sale of live poultry has been halted in Suzhou in Jiangsu Province following reports of human H7N9 cases. In Xinjiang Region a large poultry outbreak involving the H5N6 strain has led to the culling of more than 55,000 chickens and other poultry.

Japan has reported its seventh outbreak at a poultry farm in Kumamoto Prefecture. Japan has been battling H5N6 in wild birds and poultry flocks.

In South Korea the army has been called in to help cull another 1.6 million birds. This brings the overall culling total to 26 million birds – approaching a quarter of the poultry population of the country.

Agriculture officials in Taiwan have reported four more H5N8 outbreaks at poultry slaughterhouses. Of the nearly 3000 susceptible birds at the four facilities there were 38 avian flu deaths. The remaining birds were destroyed. The outbreaks occurred in four different cities and all involved chickens.

Odisha state officials in India have ordered the culling of 2,500 poultry after tests found H5N1 in crows and chickens that died. The outbreak occurred in the village of Keranga. The region experienced a similar outbreak in 2012.

Israel has reported 17 more H5N8 outbreaks – 9 at poultry farms and 8 affecting wild birds at nature parks.